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5 Easy Workout Tips for Beginners: Realistic Motivation for Busy Parents

Updated: Jan 12

Every summer we find ourselves scrambling to rush in some last minute workouts with the hopes that our bodies will be beach ready!

Well, If you’re a busy body like me, then last minute anything is next to impossible! Luckily, I found a few quick tips to help us busy parents stay focused and positive during our fitness journey.

  1. Set a realistic goal- start by setting a realistic goal; particularly not based on weight, but more so physical.

  2. Be a copy cat- finding somebody with a similar body frame, like a fitness trainer or celebrity you admire, can be a great start! Usually trainers will share a tidbit of their fitness strategies and meal plans. Copy that, listen to your body, then tailor it to your specific needs.

  3. Set a schedule- trust me, I know you’ve got a million things on your plate. The best time for me is early morning or late night when the kids are asleep and my work is done (or hit her begun.) If you’d rather sleep, try fitting it in when the kids nap or while they are distracted by play. Exercising outside is always fun when the kids get involved or are doing their own thing not needing my full attention.

  4. Get new workout gear!- Have all the tips and still not finding motivation? We all love to shop, we all love to feel good and look good. Workout clothes don’t have to be expensive, I found a few pieces at amazing prices and they’re so cute! I threw them on and immediately wanted to work out to break em in! Try outlet malls, Nike and Adidas regularly have sales at 60-80% off and I found an online retailer called Girlfriend Collective that sales super cute, comfy and AFFORDABLE sets.

  5. JUST DO IT! -Now that you have a few tips to get started, just do it! You’ve got this! Drop a comment or find me on Instagram @coolmomdom if you have any tips or want to share what’s been working for you!

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