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L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow, A Wild Wonderland of Light!

From the moment you leave the parking lot you are welcomed with bright gorgeous lights of all colors surrounding you. Exploring the L.A. Zoo at night while the animals sleep is more fun than you can imagine! In their place are larger than life animals drawing you in closely and you truly won’t want to look away.

On your journey you’ll also find fun in every corner like a dance party in a kaleidoscope, light up swings, colorful neon bubbles, yummy treats & more.

Make unforgettable memories as you explore under the stars at the beautiful L.A. Zoo!

L.A. Zoo (GLAZA) members save up to 27% on nightly tickets.

VIP Experiences like Lunar New Year Happy Hour on Jan. 12, 2023.

Community Nights engulfed in Chinese Cultural performances by Wushu Shaolin Entertainment complete with Food Trucks & Performances.

L.A. Zoo Lights: Animals Aglow ends Jan. 22, 2023 this season

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