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Things to do with Kids in Phoenix This Summer!

Updated: Jan 12

School is out, it’s the summer time, and that desert sun is shining BRIGHT in Phoenix!! Fortunately, there are tons of things to do to keep the kids occupied and us parents sane. However, when it reaches super high temperatures and you have tiny ones or sensitive kiddos, you have to be extra careful about how much time you spend in the sun or even at the pool. We are a few weeks into our summer break and with a newborn baby added into the mix, I’ve already found myself taking notes and planning our day trips to make sure the kids stay hydrated, active, and have fun INDOORS.

As we discover new ways to have safe fun I’m putting together a list of ideas for Arizona parents of kids of all ages to beat the heat! Remember, I am a mama of 4, sometimes 5, so it can get pricey which is why I look for ALL the deals!

1.Public Library: most libraries have a fun children’s section and even have programs such as circle time, arts & crafts, computers etc. We love the library because- the AC (duh!), fun but also quiet, and learning is secretly happening..I like to let the kids choose a few DVD’s too. The collection is massive! It’s like a mini “Blockbuster” but you get to rent for free and longer than 2 days!

2. Great Wolf Lodge: See Here

3. Legoland Discovery Center and SeaLife Adventure Aquarium: both located at Arizona Mills in Tempe, AZ directly across from each other. Choose to enjoy a fun filled day here at one or both at a discounted rate. Both are indoors and definitely within budget (even with multiple little ones) Legoland Discovery Center is literally an indoor amusement complete with rides, a 3D theater, play gym, and multiple lego play centers. SeaLife is a fun aquarium kids can see all the sea creatures their little hearts desire as well as ask questions and touch some of the critters there. As a large family, we love to have the pass handy where we can go to one then the other for a day jam packed with engaging activities and learning.

4. Phoenix Children’s Museum: You can purchase a day pass or an annual pass to come have fun out of the sun here! It offers 3 levels of endless fun for kids of all ages. Your kiddo will get to learn how things work, run around, dress up, pretend to be a chef in the okay kitchen, ride bicycles, and so much more! This is one of our favs because they offer many fun events with guest hosts to help make great food, teach kids how to build something new, create a unique piece of art and exciting holiday themed events as well. We will always adore Phoenix Children’s Museum!

5. More Indoor Favorites: Crayola Experience, Party Jungle, Uptown Jungle, Main Event, Peter Pipers Pizza, Dave & Busters, Chuck E Cheese’s, Big Skate..

  • Shopping Malls (indoor): Arizona Mills, Arrowhead Towne Center, Chandler Fashion Center, Scottsdale Fashion Square, etc..

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